The uMotif is Designed to Give Clinicians Broad Patient Info

 - May 22, 2014
References: umotif & gizmag
While there is a deluge of health-tracking apps hitting app markets in recent years, uMotif may be the first one designed specifically to be used collaboratively between patients and clinicians. The app aims to improve both the quality and quantity of patient information available to doctors.

The app is used to track a variety of aspects of users' lives, including both subjective measures such as mood and objective metrics such as weight and glucose levels. The data aims to provide clinicians with a wide-ranging set of data to lend context to patient treatment and care.

uMotif is set to launch first in the UK on both the iOS and Android platforms, and will be introduced in 15 National Health Services (NHS) centers. The company plans to expand availability in the next couple of years.