The 'Diabetic Cutlery' Allows for Enhanced Diabetes Health Management

When it comes to diabetes health management, the field has been relatively focused on diet and glucose monitors, which is why the 'Diabetic Cutlery' is designed to merge the two aspects for a unified experience. With those living with diabetes looking for a better way to stay healthy, the 'Diabetic Cutlery' works as a form of diet management to allow for a more hands-off approach; the gadget will go to work monitoring throughout the meal to let you know when your blood sugar is rising.

The 'Diabetic Cutlery' works with a detachable sensor that clips onto the ear. When worn, it will connect to a glucose monitor to help keep accurate track of blood sugar. Although currently only a concept, the 'Diabetic Cutlery' is an innovative approach to diabetes health management that would help to enable an easier way to stay healthy, which is welcome news to those living with the disease.