From Virtual Fashion Shows to Touchscreen Food Services

 - Nov 22, 2015
Immersive music videos, virtual reality fashion shows and touchscreen eatery menus are just a few of the top November 2015 interactive ideas that can be carried forward. Now that social media has made it so easy for brands to interact directly with fans, consumers expect, rather than hope, to be engaged in conversation.

Some of the most unusual ways brands are opening up dialogues include Chicken Treat letting an actual chicken take over a Twitter account, beer brand Staropramen creating a typewriter-controlled draught and Zeze Biscuits using a stoplight to deliver compliments to passersby.

Virtual reality is a powerful tool for marketing, but North Face put together a humorous campaign that shows it is certainly not the be-all and end-all when it comes to interactivity. The 'Sudden Exploration' North Face stunt began by simulating a dogsledding experience, and while people were distracted by the immersive world, they were launched into a race with a real team of dogs.