This Company Used the Electrical Energy from a Race Car to Cook Food

 - Oct 9, 2015
References: toyota-global & psfk
Toyota recently used the electric energy harvested from one of its race cars to cook breakfast for 171 people. When a driver activates their breaks, energy is produced by the friction. While the heat produced is a viable source of energy, it is not used for any other purpose.

The 'Toyota Barista Project' demonstrates how the energy caused by breaking can be recovered and used for other purposes. To demonstrate to consumers how the 'Kinetic Energy Recovery System' works, Toyota held an event that involved using this specific type of energy to cook food for hungry customers. The breakfast served consisted of half a slice of toast, a third of a sunny-side up egg and a cup of coffee. The portions were determined based on how many joules of energy would be needed to produce the amount of energy needed to cook for 171 people.

While the demonstration may seem unusual, the project reveals how Toyota used the electric energy produced by a race car to serve an entirely new purpose.