From Hydrogen Supercar Concepts to Futuristic Fuel Cell Cars

 - May 27, 2016
From fuel cell-equipped supercar concepts to down to earth hydrogen-powered two-seaters, the future of automobiles seems likely to be defined by cars using alternative energy sources like the innovative fuel cell device. With Tesla's affordable version of its electric car will soon be available for purchase, many brands are upping the ante when it comes to exploring alternative options to fossil fuels.

Designed by Italian engineering design firm Pininfarina, the H2 Speed is a futuristic hydrogen-powered supercar that can accelerate up to 100-kilometers per hour in a mere 3.4-seconds. The concept is the world's most powerful at this moment.

Separately, the Riversimple 'Rasa' is a hydrogen fuel cell car designed to be accessible to the average consumer. The brand plans to release the everyday vehicle in the year 2018, with the Riversimple 'Rasa' being a two-seater.