The New Honda FCV Vehicle Gives Off Water Vapors Instead of Emissions

 - Oct 28, 2015
References: honda & forbes
Honda Motors is set to revolutionize the auto industry with the release of the FVC hydrogen car at the Tokyo Motor Show. The car will be one of the first of its kind that offers a luxurious and emissions-free ride with a design that seamlessly fits the fuel cell engine under the hood. This is revolutionary to the auto industry that was one struggling with ways to make the fuel cell system sleek and compact enough to not take up too much room in the car.

The FVC is a car that runs on hydrogen turning the vapor into nothing more than water once it has powered the system. With the slender design of the fuel cell system, it now takes up no more space than a standard engine leaving room for more seats and overall space.

Other features of the FVC is how quietly it drives, the lack of emissions in place of water and how spacious the interior is thanks to the engine design.