From Automobile Makeup Brushes to Ultra-Luxurious Headphones

 - Mar 21, 2016
Almost everyone is a fan of some sort of upscale automobile and while only a mere percent can afford the car of their dreams, others can definitely pay for luxury car-branded creations. These interesting innovations brand the theme and aesthetic of iconic and sought-after automobiles atop everyday objects from tech gadgets to baby seats.

For the German automobile fans, there are a line of innovations that are produced by the country's most iconic car manufacturers. While BMW and Revlon teamed up to create a line of lush and affordable makeup brushes, Mercedes Benz partnered with Medicom Toy for luxury Bearbrick keychains.

For loyalists of Italian-made vehicles, the Ferrari speedboat brings the automobile's quickness to the sea while Lamborghini's 'Ciclotte' makes exercising a luxury activity.