This Innovative Vehicle Offers Fuel Economy and Lightweight Structure

 - Feb 17, 2016
References: riversimple & gizmag
The Rasa is a futuristic and innovative hydrogen-powered car, launched by Riversimple Movement Ltd UK, that is essentially a hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle prototype that is reinventing the urban commuter car.

This particular vehicle is claimed to offer a fuel economy somewhere in the region of 250 miles per gallon. It is constructed with a super-lightweight carbon-fiber monocoque shell and is equipped with electric motors. It also boasts supercapacitors that are charged by braking-regeneration. These and a whole host of other high-tech features enable the Rasa to travel up to 483 km on just a 3.3-pound tank of hydrogen.

This hydrogen-powered car isn't just a fancy concept but is a fully road-legal two-seater prototype that offers an exceptional blend of fuel economy, lightness and performance on the road.