Zappos' Product Giveaways Have People #PayWithACupcake

Product giveaways are usually great at entertaining and engaging audiences on the street, but Zappos took it up a notch for its latest marketing efforts.

On the streets of Austin, Texas, tech giant Google gave out free cupcakes from a food truck to anyone who downloaded its Google Photos app. Zappos parked a foot-powered box not too far from this location, which acted like a vending machine of sorts that traded cupcakes for Zappos merchandise.

As delightful and delicious as cupcakes are, people were quick to trade in the treat and #PayWithACupcake for items like headphones, sunglasses, gift cards and backpacks, which are undoubtedly worth more. Although this stunt could have upset the people manning the Google station, the fact that it still drives traffic that way makes it a win-win situation for both companies involved.