From Cultural Cat Festivals to Burger Giveaway Stunts

 - Nov 22, 2015
The most engaging November 2015 publicity stunts prove that there is always a creative way to go about a promotion. The most unusual campaigns include McDonald’s Japan giving away free meals to people who share a name with one of its new burgers, benches that give away chocolate bars and record-breaking pitchers of iced tea.

Some of the best publicity stunts of all happened on Back to the Future Day, where brands across all industries stepped up to reference time travel with special cars, spoofs and limited-edition releases of all sorts. Universal released a fake trailer for 'Jaws 19,' while Uber and Pepsi launched DeLorean rides in London and Google "leaked" plans from a high-tech car from a mysterious 'Project Flux.'

With December and the release of the newest Star Wars film coming soon, there will definitely be plenty more pop culture publicity stunts to come.