The Kit Kat Bench Rewarded Those Who Rested for 60-seconds

 - Oct 9, 2015
References: designtaxi
Located in Paraguay, the Kit Kat bench is an ingenious promotion that rewarded individual passersby with a free chocolate bar when the machine sensed they had taken a sufficient "break." The stunt featured the machine located in busy public squares and dispensed a free Kit Kat bar when the sensors registered an individual sitting on the Kit Kat bench for at least 60-second.

The playful campaign bench resembled the texture and appearance of a Kit Kat bar.

The automated Kit Kat bench was a project of agency Nasta, who dubbed the specially designed vending machine the "Break Machine." In a similar publicity stunt, JetBlue recently gave away free flights and baseball tickets to anyone in New York brave enough to steal one of their peelable bus stop ads.