This Cadbury Campaign Searches for the Next Milk Tray Man (or Woman)

 - Oct 11, 2015
References: newmilktrayman & metro
The Cadbury Milk Tray Man has been a staple of the British candy company's advertising for decades -- and a new campaign is opening the iconic role up to women.

The Cadbury Milk Tray is a gourmet-style tray of filled chocolates sold in an elegant deep purple box. It's a Valentines day, Mother's day and Christmas day favorite for sweet-toothed Brits. Since 1968, the Cadbury chocolate gift box has been advertised by the Milk Tray Man, a Bond-like figure who performs extreme stunts in order to deliver a Cadbury Milk Tray to a romantic interest. Like Bond himself, the Milk Tray Man has been portrayed by various male actors over the years.

Now, a national Cadbury campaign seeks to find the next Milk Tray Man -- although he could be a she. The Milk Tray Man competition is open to daring men and women throughout the UK and Ireland.