This Smart Car Ad Features Size-Adjusting Cars for Easier Parallel Parking

 - Oct 8, 2015
References: youtube & eventmagazine
DDBO Portugal pulled off an impressive shrinking car stunt as a promotional event for Smart Car. The campaign titled '#smarteffect' tricked a bunch of unknowing people to think that two parked cars on the street had the ability to adjust their own size.

The stunt saw a tight, yet large enough parking space on the street in between two cars. As people began paralleling parking, each of the cars began to shrink in size, making ample room for the car parking. Drivers and passersby were awed at the strange occurrence and began inspecting the two cars. Once they looked at the shrinking cars, a Smart Car ad was displayed.

Appropriately, the commercial ends with the Smart Car parking in between the shrunken cars, with each of them extending to full size. The ad goes to show that the Smart Car doesn't require other cars to shrink in order for it to fit in tight places.