From $3,000 Chocolate Truffles to Personalized Diamond Ornaments

 - Oct 25, 2015
With the release of the new Star Wars movie soon to hit theaters and news of there being water on Mars, the top October 2015 luxury ideas put an emphasis on space-age design and futuristic themes. This is evident in items like collector's Star Wars steins, Ballantine's Zero Gravity Tumblers that are designed for drinking in space, as well as Devon's $28,500 Star Wars watch, which resembles an iconic vehicle from the franchise.

As well as preparing for the future, luxurious items like the $35,000 diamond-encrusted jacket from Moose Knuckles and personalized $5,000 snow globes are helping the wealthy people of earth prepare for the onset of the winter and holiday season.

Other outrageously opulent items include islands carried by submarines, leather oven mitts and off-road cars specifically designed for kids.