This Solar-Powered Eco Retreat is a Private Resort in the Secluded Desert

 - Sep 23, 2015
References: vimeo & baharash
Baharash Architecture designed this solar-powered desert eco retreat in the Liwa Oasis. The entire design concept combines desirable features such as the isolated location, which provides privacy and intimacy.

It also uses solar-power, making the eco retreat an environmentally responsible structure. The ample amount of sunlight in the desert will provide extensive energy to power the large abstract star-shaped building. The unique shape was inspired by the idea of gathering around a fire, which is why this design also incorporates a large fireplace in the center of building. Each extending limb of the star is essentially a long hallway-like room that easily differentiates the various areas of the facility.

In addition, the glorious location called for enormous windows that provide panoramic views of the exquisite landscape that is the Liwa Oasis.