BMW's 2016 '7 Series' is the Brand's Most Technologically Advanced Car

BMW's 2016 7 Series pushes the boundaries for luxury and technology. The interior of the car has the look and feel of a luxury hotel, giving its driver the sanctuary that her or she may need. The 7 Series' interior boasts an elegent combination of quilted leather and inlaid wood, contrasted by galvanized metal for all the car's buttons. The car also features the latest in laser-light technologies both in the interior and exterior.

The 7 Series' capabilities are also impressive, starting with self-parking. A driver can exit the car and direct the car to either move forwards or backwards, if a driver is having difficulty. The car is also equipped with the latest iDrive touchpad with increased usability.

The newest BMW 7 Series perfectly marries modern luxury while maximizing the brand's technological prowess.