This Environmentally Conscious Yacht Design is Fast and Fuel Efficient

Yacht design company Silveryachts created an incredibly eco-friendly yacht that combines fuel efficiency with impressive speed and luxury.

The Silver Fast yacht can travel nearly 5,000 miles on one tank of fuel. That means that the superyacht can go from Australia to Europe in 21 days, with only one stop for refueling. In addition to its attention to environmental impact, speed and efficiency, the yacht design offers elegance and luxury. Priced at $90 million, it's a yacht design that is intended for exceptional consumers who don't have to compromise on opulence in order to be environmentally conservative.

As the world's elite become ever more concerned with the fate of the planet, there is a small but significant market for eco-friendly luxury. The ability to afford environmentally conscious models of luxury items has itself become an indicator of status.