This Frightening Spider Clock Hangs on Walls for a Price of $18,000

 - Sep 16, 2015
References: mbandf & gizmodo
This terrifying arachnid clock could make even the biggest arachnophobe appreciate its intricate design.

Created by 'MB&F,' the 'MB&F Arachnophobia' is a clock that uses refined technology and fuses it with sophisticated design. The clock closely resembles a spider with its bulbous body featuring a clock on its back and eight legs -- with such detail, the spider looks like a creature straight out of a Marvel movie. The arachnid clock is very adaptable -- you can have it standing on your desk or you can even mount it to the wall with a special rod for a visual effect.

The clock uses highly engineered Swiss watch technology for the most intricate timekeeping -- however, keep in mind that the clock costs up to $18,000.