This 'Diamond Parka' Features a Warm Design with Diamond Emblems

 - Sep 16, 2015
References: mooseknucklescanada & caplex
This luxury coat isn't just a jacket, Moose Knuckles is selling a high-end, luxe clothing experience.

Moose Knuckles is brashly selling a coat that boasts a diamond-encrusted emblem to let the brand justify asking a price of $35,000 for the jacket. The luxury coat is the very exclusive 'Diamond Series Parka' and it takes luxe winter outerwear to the next level. Popular brands like Canada Goose justify the expense of a luxe winter coat with the refined quality and warmth of the material used to make its products. Moose Knuckle instead justifies an even more outrageous pricing because they added five karats of diamonds in the shape of its logo on the coat.

Each coat is custom and Moose Knuckles ensure that by including a custom fitting in an all-expenses paid trip to Montreal, Canada with a stay in a five-star hotel.