This Experiential Advertising Initiative Pays Pedestrians Compliments

 - Oct 22, 2015
References: markmais & springwise
Following their friendly seating campaign, cookie company Zeze Biscuits teamed up with agency Mark+ again with this experiential advertising initiative. The interactive ad campaign encourages strangers to give each other compliments when stopped at traffic lights. This specifically targets pedestrians walking the streets of Brazil.

Called Elogios na Sinaleira (or 'Compliments at Traffic Lights' in English), the experiential advertising campaign centers around conversation-creating stickers placed on the lamp posts near pedestrian crossings. There is a list of compliments you can choose from that best matches the person stood across the road. Then you put a green magnet on the appropriate flattering phrase.

The warm and fuzzy feelings that result from this collaboration are then supposed to be transferred to the biscuit brand.