The GoodSAM Application Alerts Nearby First Aid During a Sudden Accident

 - Oct 1, 2014
References: & springwise
If you are dealing with a medical emergency in an unfamiliar area, this app will help you locate nearby first aid. GoodSAM alerts people with life saving skills when an emergency or sudden accident happens in the area around them. When time counts for everything, the irony of having someone who can offer assistance close by is far from funny.

The GoodSAM app has two versions: one for responders and one for alerters. If you are the one in an emergency situation, you would use the alerter app to call for help and receive nearby first aid. The country's emergency number is also automatically called. Or, if you have medical training you would download the responder app. Responders can choose to ignore the notification, which will then be sent to the next nearest person.