This Blood Type Analyzer Pen Would Enable Speedy Testing During Mass Trauma

 - Apr 3, 2015
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Any crisis situation with a great number of victims is going to benefit immensely by devices like this Blood Type Analyzer Pen. The triage process of surveying injury and urgency could easily incorporate a quick and relatively painless examination of one's plasma, for those who are likely to require a blood transfusion.

He Sijun, Li Xinfei, Mou Fulong and Zhou Chao imagine the Logo blood type detector as a compact piece of medical equipment that can easily be slipped in the pockets of paramedics and emergency response personnel––to be part of the standard First Aid kit, ideally. A single prick can get the ball rolling on a lifesaving procedure, increasing the efficiency and efficacy of emergency medicine. It's perhaps no surprise that the Blood Type Analyzer Pen won a 2014 Red Dot Design Award.