These Airbag Jackets Don't Rely on Motorcycle Signals for Release

 - Sep 16, 2015
References: dainese & engadget
While other airbag jackets exist on the market, Dianese's latest model is the only one to activate without reliance on the motorcycle's signal. Until now, the motorbike would detect a crash and signal the jacket to deploy; however, there was room for error as the motorcycle could get so damaged in a crash that the signal would be delayed or not send at all. That is where the D-air Misano 1000 jacket provides a design solution.

Using built-in sensors, GPS and other electronics, the airbag jackets monitor the movement of the rider 800 times a second. Upon impact or a sense of tumbling, the jacket deploys its airbag, protecting the motorcyclist from a potentially fatal fall. With an on/off front switch for when the wearer isn't riding, there is room to move and play with the jacket on when off-bike as well.