From Water-Soluble Dresses to Credit Card Couture

 - Nov 11, 2015
These tech-integrated textiles demonstrate how new technology is changing the design process. In the past, fashion designers were forced to choose from a limited range of materials to produce their garments. With the advent of new technology, designers are beginning to experiment with unusual materials.

One of the advantages of new materials is the ability to produce functional garments that improve the life of the wearer. Whether it is athletic apparel or high-end couture, tech-integrated textiles allow designers to make clothing that serves a greater purpose. For example, MasterCard has released a line of clothing and accessories that double as payment devices.

In addition to serving a practical purpose, high-tech textiles also influence the overall design process. For example, there are stitch-free clothing collections that can be assembled without the use of a sewing machine. There are also high-end garments that use data about human movement to create graphic patterns and prints.

These examples demonstrate how technology is gradually changing the way designers construct garments and how these pieces improve the lives of those who wear them.