HotSquash Has Summer and Winter Lines to Keep Wearers Comfortable

 - Apr 24, 2015
References: hotsquash & springwise
This practical temperature-regulating fashion line is inspired by polar bear fur. Stylish too, HotSquash clothing keeps you warm in cold weather and cool in hot environments. The UK-based brand released a 'cool range' and 'warm collection' -- both of which contain dresses, jackets, skirts and other apparel made with temperature-regulating material. Designed to stop the wearer from getting too uncomfortable, the garments have their "functional qualities hidden beneath a high-street esthetic."

Where as the temperature-regulating fashion line's Cool Range features CoolFresh fabric to reduce clamminess and lets sweat dry twice as fast as cotton or wool (which is possible by mixing multi-channel and hollow fibers in the fabric), the Warm Collection has ThinHeat technology that takes after the polar bears. This material generates heat using hollow-core, air-trapping fibers that provide better insulation.