The Bull-It Jeans Hoodie Protects You From Nasty Pavement Encounters

 - Oct 22, 2015
References: bull-it & gizmag
Bull-it Jeans is offering an armored hoodie that is designed to protect your skin from abrasion if you fall off your motorbike. This particular hoodie uses a special high-tech material called Covec, which was designed specifically for motorbike apparel. This material offers a degree of abrasion resistance that is superior to Kevlar and is comparable to many leathers.

This hoodie meats CE-13595-1 standard for protective clothing, meaning it managed to pass a trio of tests that take stock of impact abrasion, cut resistance and burst resistance.

The Bull-it Jeans hoodie has a rating of SR6, meaning it'll take six seconds of skidding across a hard surface before the skin is exposed. This is a significant period of time and can make the difference between a gorey gash and a minor cut.