Traditional Meets Modern with These Coded Geometric Quilts

 - May 29, 2014
References: design-milk & libselliott
Incorporating both grandma's traditional quilting expertise and digital technology, Canadian textile artist Elizabeth (Libs) Elliot designs coded geometric quilts. Using the development program Processing (a tool that merges the visual arts with the world of computer programming), Elliot matches digital and analogue to stitch traditional quilt patterns together in randomized sequences. The artist then edits the quilt patterns and shapes by configuring the code, altering the pattern to ensure a randomized design that is both unique and visually intriguing. The finalized quilt pattern is then broken down to determine the most suitable fabric choices and sewing techniques to physically re-create the quilt. A truly stunning marriage between a classic craft and modern technical design, Elliot's unique composition method seeks to lessen the distance between the past and the future.