Loulou & Tummie Bridges the Gap Between Modern and Vintage Figurines

 - Nov 10, 2014
References: loulouandtummie & fubiz.net
Loulou & Tummie have created a line of wooden robots that bridge the gap between modern and vintage toys in a clever way. Full of personality if not a ton of gadgetry (or any gadgetry at all), the wooden robots nevertheless introduce a sense of technology to children while relying purely on their sense of imagination to flesh out each character.

Full of different character that range in size and shapes, the wooden robot toys are not only fun to play with, but great pieces of decor as well. Beautifully crafted, they bring a great aesthetic to children's rooms and play areas. The wooden toys can easily be collected by adults as well, or perhaps saved throughout the years as innocent heirlooms.