From Whittled Fantasy Figurines to Low-Tech Music Toys

 - Nov 3, 2015
These whimsical wooden toys are perfect for children and adults alike. As technology becomes more accessible to a younger audience, toy manufacturers have begun adding high-tech features to their products. To combat the increasing number of high-tech toys on the market, many brands have gone back to using wood to make simple playthings.

One of the reasons that designers have returned to wood is because of its durability. High-tech products are highly fragile, which means they do not stand up to certain activities. Some of these durable wooden toys include sculpted timber cars, home-inspired building blocks and interlocking eco puzzles.

In addition to its durability, wooden toys are also aesthetically beautiful. Wood can be used to create minimalist and modern designs that can be proudly put on display. Some of these whimsical wooden toys include multifunctional robot characters, origami-inspired building blocks and low-tech musical instruments.