These Paper-Bricks Make Impossible Escher-Esque Stacks That Remain Flat

 - Feb 19, 2014
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If you'd like to erect an incredible toy sculpture without the risk of it toppling down, these Paper-Bricks would make your ideal playthings. Made by Nendo, this collection was designed as an interactive insert in Pen, a Japanese lifestyle magazine. It invites readers to get creative with all sorts of structures that would never stand in three dimensions without glue or hardware.

Tetris-like pieces are given the illusion of 3D thanks to tricolor surface treatment. Woodgrain patterns in three timber shades resemble the shadowed effects of true rectangular prisms beneath an oblique light source. With these Paper-Bricks, the idea is not to puzzle piece them together by touching their edges, but rather to overlap them. This provides the visual impression of piled components.