Ghostcube by Erik Aberg Moves Fluidly From One Form to Another

 - Feb 26, 2014
References: erikaberg & thisiscolossal
Ghostcube by Erik Aberg, a Swedish designer, is a mesmerizing interactive sculpture of interlocking wooden blocks. When watching the video display what this incredible 'toy' is capable of, it almost looks like an illusion or clever animation. In reality, the fluid movements of the sculpture are achieved through the creative use of hinges. The application of these hinges allow the cube to "be twisted, turned, and folded to create increasingly complex shapes reminiscent of origami," observes This Is Colossal.

The video of Ghostcube by Erik Aberg is available for purchase on the artist's website. In it a viewer will be treated to a 23 minute documentary in which the research of the Ghostcubes is explained. The film shows the process from its inception to initial ideas and how they evolved.