The Strawbees Toy Kit Targets Aspiring Architects and Engineers

 - Feb 3, 2014
References: kickstarter & fastcodesign
The Strawbees Toy Kit is based around a do-it-yourself prototyping project that exercises children's ability to build simple objects. By flexing these particular skills, it can result in bringing up the next Zaha Hadid or Fazlur Khan.

Of course, the Strawbees Toy Kit serves a more practical purpose than molding the minds of the young, it also provides an affordable plaything. Instead of buying the latest Transformer or Twilight action figure, it allows children to use their imagination to build whatever they want to have in a cost effective manner. It is basically made up of joints that connect straws and cardboard into various objects.

Designed by Erik Thorstensson of CREATABLES, a studio based in Gothenburg, Sweden, the Strawbees Toy Kit is endlessly entertaining.