Toyota's 2014 Tokyo Toy Show Cars Take the Shape of Pikachu and Fennekin

 - Jun 14, 2014
References: japantrends
At the Tokyo Toy Show 2014, there were some really fun toy show cars exhibited, including a few Toyopet Pokémon cars by Toyota.

The Pikachu edition Pokémon car first made its debut at the Tokyo Toy Show back in 2012, but this time around, the Pikachu vehicle was accompanied by a new friend in the form of Fennekin. The fox-like monster shares a similar color scheme as Pikachu and also has a great big grin, but its facial features are more fox-like and pointed. Even though the anime series has been around for quite a while now, there's still a huge amount of interest in the franchise.

The Tokyo Toy Show will be open to the public this weekend, with these Toyopet Pokémon automobiles are on display.