This Block Sushi Looks Strangely Good, for LEGO

 - Feb 20, 2014
References: flickr & laughingsquid
This LEGO food photo set proves that the toy giant is one of the most versatile toys on the planet. These LEGO food creations are made by Big Daddy and his latest set focuses on a fan favorite.

Sushi isn’t for everyone, but for people who do enjoy it, it’s an amazing treat. This same sentence could be said about LEGO, as the classic toy has transcended any original use it may have had and sits atop the throne as the most versatile toy on the market. These LEGO sushi pieces are a testament to the versatility of the color blocks.

From afar this set looks like an actual box of sushi complete with equally blocky chopsticks to accompany them. LEGO has done it all, so food is only a small step for the king of toys.