This ThinkGeek Toy is Super Cute in Its Own Way

 - Mar 20, 2014
References: thinkgeek & designtaxi
The blobfish was voted the ugliest animal in the world last year, but this ThinkGeek toy begs to disagree.

Called the Grumpy Cat of the sea due to its sullen facial expression, this poor fish needs some love. ThinkGeek created and adorable pink plush blobfish to give this ocean friend a better reputation. ThinkGeek thinks the little muscle-less fish would be a whole lot happier if we stopped laughing at his ugliness and started giving him a hug.

The plush toy's frowny face makes you just want to cuddle up with him and watch 'Deadliest Catch.' Not to mention, he'll make you feel better after a bad day, I bet you're face will never look as sad as his.

This is the ideal gift for animal lovers. So start giving this guy a better reputation. Spread the word, ugly is the new cute!