Each Lostmy.name Custom Story Book is Tailored by Name

 - Jan 15, 2014
References: lostmy.name
Lostmy.name makes custom story book adventures for kids age two to six, which focuses on helping them to learn the alphabet letters that make up their own names. There are a ton of alphabet books out there, but the approach Lostmy.name takes is truly innovative. The stories revolve around children who have lost the letters in their names and must go on a journey to recover them one by one.

Creation of a custom Lostmy.name storybook on its website requires a child’s name and specification on whether the book is for a boy or a girl. Within seconds, a completely custom children’s book is strung together using multi-threaded storytelling. For example, a book for "John" will be completely different (but not significantly shorter) from a book for his sister, "Madison."

To see what one of these storybooks will look like before ordering, Lostmy.name mocks up demo versions of the personalized storybooks online, showing the exact story that they will tell.