- Sep 5, 2015
These charming children's books put an innovative twist on classic bedtime tales. Despite the prevalence of e-readers, many children still prefer the tactile experience of reading a storybook. This charming children's books provide a new way for kids to experience the joy of reading.

One of the common themes found in modern storybooks is an effort to move away from conventional characters. Contemporary children's books abandon traditional archetypes and opt for a more diverse range of characters. Some of these innovative tales include LGBT-friendly books, kid-focused cancer stories and speech impediment storybooks.

Beyond a new type of story, many of these children's books also draw inspiration from modern technology. For example, there are app-enabled storybooks that allow parents to customize the content their child is reading. There are also code-teaching children's books that encourage kids to explore careers in the technology sector.

From Sprouting Picture Books to Kid-Focused Cancer Stories: