This Speech Difficulty Children's Book Helps Inspire Confidence

 - Jun 10, 2014
References: lulu & stichesbook
With one in ten children having speech and communication difficulties, it is clear to see there a great need for more resources out there to help young people and parents alike, which is what this speech difficulty children's book looks to do. With a positive and vibrant story that has been designed to inspire hope and self-confidence, David Haynes has created Stitches and the Troublesome Stitch, which helps remove the stigma associated with a stammer, stutter or mumble.

The story centers around a scarecrow with a stitch of thread across his mouth that causes him to mumble. He embarks upon an adventure to remove the troublesome stitch.
Ultimately with the help of some marvelous characters, Stitches learns that it’s the stitch and that his mumble isn't so bad. It’s that which makes him so special and unique, so he regains his self-confidence and self-belief.

This is a much needed children’s book that addresses an often overlooked issue. Purchase your own copy from