Argentinean Publishers Have Designed a Picture Book That Grows into a Tree

As part of its 'Tree Book Tree' program, a group of Argentinean publishers have designed an unusual picture book that will grow into a tree when buried. Titled 'Mi Papa Estuvo en la Selva' ("My Father was in the Jungle"), the children's book was designed as a unique way of promoting eco-friendly literature. The publishers have been planting copies of the books in windows so that the public can watch as the books break down and begin to sprout new life.

The book itself is printed on acid-free paper and the text is written in eco-friendly ink. The pages are then infused with the seeds of a Jacaranda tree. Once a child has finished the story, they can bury the picture book in soil and as the paper and ink decompose, the seeds will slowly begin to sprout. Eventually the book will mature into a full grown tree, completing the cycle of cradle-to-cradle production.