The Motion Silhouette Children's Book Needs to be Read With a Flashlight

The Motion Silhouette children's book by Megumi Kajiwara is pop-up story that children can enjoy reading using a flashlight. The book is designed so that when a child shines a flashlight on the page, various missing components of the novel's illustrations become visible through the shadows casted by the flashlight.

Unlike most children's books that simply require a child to read the words on the page, the Motion Silhouette encourages a child to physically interact with the book. Children can grab a flashlight -- or use a flashlight app on a smartphone -- and shine the light on the various cut-out book features. The pages are filled with pop-up trees, butterflies and spiderwebs that cast eerie shadows on the page when a strong light is shining. Kids can have fun staying up late and playing with the Motion Silhouette storybook.