The Little Video Game Book Series Mixes Games with Classic Kids Books

Joey Spiotto's 'Little Video Game Books' mashes up Random House's iconic Little Golden Book series with popular video game titles.

Spiotto notes that he chose these particular games because he felt that they have become "instant classics." His Little Video Game Books series has two volumes, which feature adorable characters like Mass Effect's Shepard and Dragonborns from the Skyrim universe. Whether you're a gamer or not, you might even recognize that the book titled 'The Cake is a Lie' as a reference to Portal.

Since these book covers are made to look like children's books, the covers are fairly simple. However, Spiotto has packed each of them with elements specific to each video game. The golden spines features a different icon pattern and the Little Golden Book title on the upper left hand corner has been modified to better reflect the individual video games.