The Back to School Season Calls for These Unique Essentials

 - Aug 18, 2014
With the Back to School season around the corner, these scholastic stationery supplies are just the thing to get you into the study spirit.

The products range from nostalgic paper goods to patterned pencil sets that celebrate hand-written notes rather than digital ones. Standouts from the list of Back to School essentials range from the practical to the novelty-inspired.

In addition to decorative pencils and vintage-themed notebook designs, other memorable examples from this list combine tradition with modernity.

They include KBme2's "Phone + Book" design that transforms a traditional notebook into a smartphone holder. In addition to storing your phone, the notepad leaves plenty of room for written notes. Another memorable product is CB2's iPhone paperback notepad, a post-it note set that is custom-fitted to one's smartphone device.