These Princess Bride Pencils Feature Quotes from the Beloved Novel

 - Sep 9, 2013
References: etsy
The Princess Bride pencils are the perfect writing utensils for a bookworm or movie buff.

This set comes with six pastel colors such as a sweet pink blush and a cool light mint. While these may appear to be regular pencils at first, a closer look will reveal different phrases and words on each pencil. All the phrases are well-known quotes and characters that people who love the Princess Bride will definitely recognize. For example, "anybody want a peanut?" said by the character Fezzik is written on the light beige one in the set. In terms of characters themselves, the Queen of Putrescence is written on the purple pencil and Westley and Buttercup share the yellow pencil.

Princess Bride pencils put a fun and classy spin on regular pencils and will make homework a little more interesting.