Ambivert Packaging Hugs its Products, Rather Than Enclosing Them Entirely

 - Dec 23, 2013
References: & packagingoftheworld
The theme of Ambivert packaging follows the quirky function of the items inside. Designer Esther Li has come up with a conceptual collection of assorted products to be used by people who identify themselves as having both introverted and extroverted qualities and tendencies.

Each plate, teacup, notebook and pair of earbuds is joined by another two of its type, producing a set of three to account for the user's momentary social state, antisocial state or hybrid "ambiverted" state. Metaphorically speaking, it would have been a mistake to give these objects complete coverings or to leave them bare, for neither would account for the intermediate and transitional condition. Therefore, Ambivert packaging has labels that simply fold around the goods like partial boxes, fastened shut with wrapped string closures.