Monsieur Notebooks is a Dashing Alternative to Moleskine

 - Sep 28, 2013
References: indiegogo & fpgeeks
As soon as a person removes the plastic packaging covering one of the Monsieur Notebooks, the strong scent of leather greets their nose in only the most pleasant of ways. That is because, as the company is proud to note right in its branding, it is a real leather notebook. A premium alternative to current notebook royalty, Moleskine, Monsieur Notebooks combines the craftsmanship of India-produced leather journals with the modern sensibilities of its competitor's production.

Available in a slew of different cover colors and styles as well as three sizes and types of paper, Monsieur Notebooks are made in London, England. With distributors in Australia, Germany and Turkey, Monsieur Notebooks is currently making its way to America. To do so, they have launched a modest IndieGoGo campaign to help smooth the transition.