Write to Your Heart's Content and Then Erase with Your Wipebook

 - Dec 30, 2013
References: kickstarter & uncrate
The Wipebook is an ingenious new product that combines all the best elements of a traditional notebook and whiteboard.

Regular notebooks are fine for a vast majority of tasks, however when you want to sketch or doodle you can find yourself wasting a lot of paper. With the Wipebook you can sketch and brainstorm to your heart's content with a variety of different colored dry erase pens and then erase whenever you want. Yes, you could use a pencil and eraser for your drafting needs but you're limited to only writing in gray and when you erase there will always be residual writing or "ghosting" but when you write on your Wipebook their is virtually no ghosting and your writing can stay in your Wipebook for as long as you like without fear of smudging or self erasing.

The Wipebook comes with 25 smooth-surfaced pages and is available in blank, lined, grid or a combination of different lines.