This Micro Chess Set Can Be Made at Home with a 3D Printer

 - May 5, 2016
References: thingiverse
Chess is one of the most popular strategy games worldwide and now consumers can assemble the game themselves by printing a Micro Chess Set at home. Not only is this DIY chess set small enough for travel, but it is also embedded with magnets to prevent the pieces from slipping out of place.

The Micro Chess Set is a 3D printable project created by Thingiverse user CMB27. While the pieces are inspired by classic Staunton chess sets, the board draws inspiration from other 3D-printed chess boards. The downloadable file for the chess set allows users to print each of the necessary pieces with a magnet embedded in the bottom for easy game play. Users can then print the pieces for the magnetic board or they can print a paper version of the board to save time and resources.

The DIY chess set is likely to appeal to those looking for a creative way to enjoy classic strategy games while also experimenting with 3D-printing technology.