This DIY Draughts Set Can Be Made at Home with a 3D-Printer

 - May 5, 2016
References: myminifactory
Paul May recently designed a DIY draughts set that can be assembled at home using a 3D-printer. Checkers is a fairly simple game that is easy enough for people of any age to learn. This DIY project puts a creative twist on the ancient game by giving users an opportunity to assemble the board and the game pieces at home.

The Rocket ships vs. Asteroids Draughts Set was created by Paul May and can be found online from MyMiniFactory. The game board features a classic design, while the conventional game pieces have been replaced by tiny asteroids and little rocket ships. May has also included a file to make larger game pieces that are easier for kids to grab on to.

While checkers is not exactly a new game, the DIY project gives users a fun way to bring the classic board game into the 21st century.