The Pink Tints of Blue App Teaches Kids that Gender is Flexible

 - Oct 23, 2014
References: migledesign & fastcodesign
Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Migle Nevieraite designed the conceptual 'Pink Tints of Blue' app to teach children that gender is merely a societal construction.

Our assigned gender tends to inform the way we see ourselves and others. It dictates what clothes we wear and, for children, what toys they play with. What is means to be "male" and "female" has been marked by a series of deeply ingrained preferences and traditions.

Nevieraite's project starts off with a gender-neutral child. Users can then add more gender-specific elements, making the child appear more masculine or feminine accordingly. Users can also accessorize the child (and its surroundings). The purpose of the app is to show children that gender is flexible, fluid and entirely up to them to express.