The Freddy Krueger Doll is Sure Bring a New Sense of Fear

 - May 14, 2013
References: whokilledbambi
Barbie and Freddy Krueger have a few things in common -- they never die, they have an odd connection with children and they have an undying need to accessorize -- so it seems only fitting that a Freddy Krueger doll constructed from a Barbie be appropriate.

The nightmares of little girls and boys have morphed into this one convenient package of gore and scream. The Freddy Krueger Barbie doll's face features those iconic trademark burn marks, fedora and bloodied bladed gloves. Barbie's chest showcases all the damned souls that she's consumed throughout the ages.

The Freddy Krueger Barbie doll is an adequate gift for any girl or boy with an affinity for gore and blonde hair. The world and all its horror have destigmatized today’s youth, but this nightmarish rendition of the classic doll is sure to bring the scare back in their pants.